05 December 2012

Watch The Heavy Hand

Three-fourths of my family (which includes me in that number) has taekwon-do lessons three nights a week.  That means my spouse is responsible for dinner on those nights because we all walk through the door starving.  In an attempt to get my youngest cheered up about his new gluten-free lifestyle, I thought it would be a grand idea to incorporate some new dishes into our boring meal plans.

I personally am not thrilled about adding beef, poultry, or pork back into my diet.  I had issues a few years ago with an intense, and at times overwhelming, burning pain in my left shoulder.  Keeping those meats out of my diet resulted in the pain going away.  I don't care to revisit that pain.  I also have mixed feelings about eating meat.  I still feel strongly about not eating meat for a variety of reasons, but I realize at the same time I must keep dinner preparations for my spouse as simple as possible and I don't have any free time during my crazy schedule (homeschooler, taekwon-do student and assistant, part-time employee, volunteer, etc.) to make up some dishes just for me ahead of time.  It is what it is, and I have accepted it as such.

Anyway, while perusing The Healthy Gluten-Free Life, I came across a recipe for baked chicken legs that specifically mentioned chicken legs are "a great, kid-approved dinner" in the author's house.  I knew we had a package of organic drumsticks in the freezer, so I put this recipe on the menu plan (accompanied by mashed potatoes and roasted green beans).  I left my spouse specific instructions and envisioned coming home from taekwon-do to a delicious meal.  Even the kids were excited, which lets me know we really have fallen into a boring routine of meals.

Left to his own devices, I honestly don't know if my spouse followed the recipe exactly.  His final product (pictured above) was much more coated with seasoning than the photo accompanying the recipe in the book.  It was too much spice for the youngest kiddo, so he refused to eat.  My teen and I both had bites that were perfect and bites that were just too over the top with seasoning.  I believe with a little less of a heavy hand these would have been great overall.  My spouse declared the recipe a winner.

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