05 December 2012

If I Don't Laugh, I'll Cry For Sure

I used some of the crazy loaf of gluten-free bread I baked to make cinnamon sugar "toast".  My newly gluten-free kiddo thought it sounded like a good plan, but he took one bite and literally spit it out.  As a side note, he's been sick with a head cold, sinus infection, or combo of the two, so it wasn't the best timing for going gluten-free with him feeling yucky and his tastebuds askew.  I'll chalk his reaction up to that for now as we all need to get used to some new flavors and textures.  I tried a couple of bites and decided it was edible.  Decent even.  Not bread for sure, but doable and something I'm sure I will get used to along this journey.  My teen - one of the members of my family who does not have to be gluten-free - gobbled it down and said it was good.  Go figure.

I'm still disappointed the loaf baked so crazy.  It sure does make for some goofy looking slices.  One thing I did notice when I sliced the loaf was the outer "crust" crumbled very easily (this is with being cold and having been kept in the refrigerator).  I used a serrated bread knife and am wondering if a different type of knife would help with the crumbling issue.  Probably not, but something for me to keep in mind next time.

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