31 October 2013

More Apologia Biology Supplements

I mentioned the things my 9th grader is doing to make Apologia Biology an honors course here, however, some things he's doing for Module #6 (The Cell) aren't able to be pinned and don't show up on my Pinterest boards linked in that post.

Amazingly, the zoology coloring book he's using does not have a coloring plate in it for an animal cell.  I found one online at Biology Corner - the worksheet is here and an answer key is here - that doesn't match up identically with the terminology used in Apologia Biology, but it's close enough.

Other fun extras for this module are Explore A Cell, The Virtual Cell (a huge hit with my son), and an online plant cell matching exercise.

28 October 2013

Monday Musings

The weather outside is... sunny and warm with a slight breeze.  The windows are open, which additionally thrills my heart because it means a savings on the electric bill!

I am reading... DragonFire by Donita K. Paul.  I am absolutely loving this series and wish I had the time to just sit down and read for hours on end.

I am thankful for... healing and restoration of a relationship that's been less than stellar for way too long.

In the kitchen... I whipped up three batches of french toast for my gluten-free, dairy-free kiddo and am looking forward to tonight's dinner of baked flounder, couscous (cooked in veggie broth), and roasted zucchini.  Yum!

I'm delighted by... the discovery of a new-to-me blog called Delighted Momma (see my sidebar for a link).  She has some amazing looking paleo recipes that have me re-inspired in the kitchen.

A favorite thing of mine... E.L.F.'s Glam Bam nail polish trio.  I've never been one to really wear nail polish on my fingernails, but I do love nail polish on the toesies.  Due to my discomfort level with various ingredients, I haven't worn any nail polish at all in years.  Years!  I stumbled upon this set at my local Marshalls store and could no longer hold out once I read it is formaldehyde-free, DPB-free, and toluene-free - plus it was only $2.99!  Paired up with some Sally Hansen base and top coat, which is also free of the aforementioned ingredients, I am feeling all girly again.

A photo...

 Are you sure I can't keep it???

24 October 2013

French Toast ... Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free

Another change in the road ... dairy-free.  I've suspected my youngest child has an issue with dairy, and recent tummy woes have confirmed those suspicions.  I have one unhappy kiddo on my hands.  This is the kid who thinks Rumiano organic cheese is the best thing in the entire world and no other food group exists. *sigh*

He has been requesting french toast for breakfast to replace his usual dairy loaded meal.  This is a quick and easy way for me to honor that request...

2 large organic eggs
1/2 cup orange juice (I use Uncle Matt's organic, pulp-free)
1/2 tsp. organic ground cinnamon
Gluten-free bread (I use Rudi's Original gf bread)

Whisk the first 3 ingredients together in a shallow bowl or dish, coat the bread slices thoroughly on each side, and cook over medium-low heat until both sides are golden (the cinnamon makes it look sort of "burnt" rather than truly golden).  I can't put butter in the skillet, so I just pre-heat my stainless steel skillet and any sticking is minimal.  Serve with organic maple syrup.

My kiddo who is not gluten-free enjoys this same recipe using Rudi's organic sourdough bread.  Win-win!

14 October 2013

Homeschool High School: 1st Quarter Reading List

With nine weeks under our belt in our homeschool high school journey, I thought I'd share my 9th grader's reading/literature list thusfar...

~ The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (summer assignment)
~ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving (summer assignment)
~ Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Teaching the Classics)
~ The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry (Teaching the Classics)
~ After Twenty Years by O. Henry (Teaching the Classics)
~ The Cop and the Anthem by O. Henry (Teaching the Classics)
~ The Time Machine by H. G. Wells (free reading selection)
~ The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry (Windows to the World)
~ The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell (Windows to the World)
~ Marginalia by Billy Collins (Windows to the World)
~ How to Mark a Book by Mortimer J. Adler (Windows to the World)
~ The Donkey by G. K. Chesterton (Windows to the World)
~ The Lamb by William Blake (Windows to the World)

The favorites by far were The Outsiders (plus the movie from the 80's was a huge hit), The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Time Machine (my son happened upon the classic movie on television one night and happily sat and watched), and The Most Dangerous Game.

The least favorites were all the O. Henry selections.  These just did not appeal to my son at all, and that's okay.

03 October 2013

Insightful wisdom

I'm currently reading DragonQuest by Donita K. Paul and came across this extremely insightful passage a couple of nights ago.......

Toopka sighed.  "That seems wrong - to let a gray place make your insides gray too."  She rolled over on the bed, propping her chin on her fists.  "And I think that the gray insides are too sad to try to make the gray outside any different.  So the gray outside stays the same or gets grayer, and the gray insides get grayer too, and pretty soon there's no hope for anything bright and pretty."

This resonated deep within me because I understand it all too well.  Sometimes I feel as though I'm at the point of being too far into the depths to ever have hope of reaching the surface again.  I realized I've known so much hurt and pain in my life that instead of running to God and clinging to Him I do the opposite.  I get angry with Him and turn away.  I don't know at this point if I even know how to run to and cling to Him.  Scary.

01 October 2013

Allow more time than you think you'll need...

One thing I'm learning quickly now that my oldest is on week 8 of our homeschool high school journey is I should have allowed for much more time on my lesson plans whenever there is a biology experiment (or more than one) on tap for the day.  Even though we've used Apologia science materials from the start, experiments are taking much longer this year than ever before.  Why?  Well, admittedly *I'm* finding it all quite fascinating, so I take look after look after look under the microscope.  My 2nd grader has been enthused about every experiment thusfar, so he takes time observing and drawing, observing and drawing, and observing and drawing.  Most importantly, my 9th grader has really taken his time with the microscope observations and the related drawings in his lab book.  What I thought would take maybe 1 hour ends up taking 2 to 3 hours instead.  Thankfully it's been fairly easy to make adjustments in my lesson plans and I'll be better prepared for this adventure the second time around.