14 December 2012

Pizza Night

Homemade pizza has always been a favorite meal at my house.  Being new to gluten-free, I have not yet come across a recipe for gf pizza crust that meets my hopes.  I found Namaste pizza crust mix at one of my local natural foods markets and decided to give it a try because my kids were begging for pizza.  The ingredients are not certified organic, but they are non-GMO.

This mix is super easy to make - just add oil (I used organic evoo) and water and mix using a stand mixer for three minutes.  The directions indicated this would be the consistency of thick cake batter, and indeed it was.  I used a spoon to spread the batter on my baking stones, going all the way to the edges.  I am glad I did take it all the way to the edges because it shrank up a bit when baked.

Each package of mix makes two pizzas.  I used the whole package as it takes two pizzas to feed my family (pizza is something my teen boy really chows down on!).  On the first pizza I used Organic Valley mozzarella cheese, and it turned out beautifully.  The crust was crisp, like a thin crust pizza, and it tasted great.  I sliced this one up into squares, and my child who must be on a gluten-free diet ate four pieces!  First, he never at that much when I made homemade pizza using freshly ground wheat.  Second, he has not been eating well since going gf, so it almost brought me to tears to see him eat AND enjoy what he was eating.  My teen gave it his approval as well.

The second pizza I made using Daiya mozzarella shreds.  I have been reluctant to add a lot of dairy back into my diet, but I have to admit the first pizza was a lot better.  This second one was not bad, it just didn't cook up as well.  I have used Daiya products before, and know they don't cook up exactly like real cheese, but this was still a bit disappointing (especially after tasting the first pizza!).

Anyway, the pizza crust mix is a winner, and I'll continue to use it for pizza night.

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