11 November 2013

Monday Musings

The weather outside is... bright and sunny with a slight breeze.

I am reading... DragonLight by Donita K. Paul (last in the series)

I am thankful for... the brave and heroic men (including my hubby) and women who have and are serving our country.  THANK YOU!!!!!  You know freedom isn't truly free.  Your service and sacrifice is deeply appreciated.

In the kitchen... menu planning needs to be done!  I am the worst about this.

A pet peeve... people who don't keep their word.

I've been working on... trying to figure out which curricula I'll be using for each subject with my high schooler next year for 10th grade.  I know, I know ... it's awfully early to be concerned with that, but $$ is tight and I need to make sure I'll have enough funds set aside by late next spring to make the necessary purchases.

I'm looking forward to... not having to go anywhere today. 

A favorite thing of mine... Thousand Foot Krutch's Welcome to the Masquerade cd. Love it!

I'm delighted by... finding organic extra virgin coconut oil at BJ's (wholesale club like Sam's and Costco) even cheaper than another decently priced source I'd been purchasing from.

A thought... my spouse and I are wrestling with many feelings about our church, especially after yesterday's sermon.  It would have been fine as part of a special marriage seminar for couples only, but I'm not at all happy with some of the things that were said and presented (and I'm far from a prude). I'm also very unhappy that pre-teens and teens had to be sent out of the service because they weren't of age to hear much of what was stated and the message was hurtful to others in attendance.  Add to that the sting of them not even bothering to recognize the current and former military members in honor of today being Veteran's Day ... ouch! This is just the latest in a continual string of dislikes we have with this church.  It feels as though we'll never find one that fits or feels like "home."

A goal... to go as paleo as possible.  I don't foresee being completely paleo.  I mean, no beans?  No peas?  No peanuts?  No rice?  Ack!  However, with my youngest's dairy issues of late it seems the way to go from that standpoint.  It's going to be a tough road.

An inspirational quote... Only dead fish go with the flow. ~Unknown

A photo... 

 Lion Country Safari

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