04 November 2013

Monday Musings

The weather outside is... windy, dull, and extremely overcast.

I am reading... DragonFire by Donita K. Paul - almost finished!

I am thankful for... my spouse spotting a water moccasin (venomous) that was blending in very well with its surroundings as we were traipsing across part of our yard yesterday.  We've had way too many of them in the yard this year.

In the kitchen... leftover homemade vegetable soup awaits.  My spouse made a huge batch in the slow cooker yesterday using odds and ends of leftover veggies from meals we've frozen. 

A pet peeve... neighbors who blare music too loudly.  Seriously, they don't bother to think that it might disturb someone else???  It was thumping so badly yesterday while I was washing dishes that I had to close the windows and turn on some music of my own.  No, that didn't even drown it out.  *sigh*

I've been working on... a new budget.  Times are tough and business is slow.  My spouse is going to have to start paying himself weekly instead of bi-weekly.  I'm not happy about it - I liked my budgeting system the way it was, but it's a necessary change right now.  Part of the fun of being a one-income, self-employed family.

I'm looking forward to... watching the remainder of a season of Doctor Who on dvd (from the library) the rest of this week.  We don't have BBC America or Netflix, so I'm working my way through the episodes as fast as I am able to get the dvd's from my library system.  Some seasons have a massive wait list, and others are just sitting there on the shelf for the taking.  Odd.

A favorite thing of mine... Merry Hempsters vegan hemp lip balm.  I developed an allergy/intolerance to beeswax a few years ago (it makes my lips and eyes swell), so this lip balm is awesome.

A thought... I strongly dislike the time change.  Darkness so early in the evening is downright depressing.

A goal... is to drink more water.  I know better, but I far too often reach for the oj, chocolate almond milk, or cranberry juice instead.

An inspirational quote... There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. ~Nelson Mandela

A photo...

Observing onion cells (Apologia Biology, module #6)

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  1. Water is always a good thing! Love the Biology slide. Thanks for sharing your adventures.