05 August 2014

Gluten-free ice cream sandwich ... a little piece of Heaven

As part of our recent "staycation," we stopped by The Fat Donkey in Cocoa Beach to check out their gluten-free ice cream sandwich. 

Oh. My. Goodness.

I was told the cookies (chocolate chip sprinkled with large pieces of coconut shavings/flakes) are made in-house.  Piled in between two of these delights (each larger than my entire hand) was a thick layer of gluten-free vanilla bean ice cream.  YUM-O-RAMA!  It took three of us to eat the entire thing, but we did it!!!

My teen boy ... a picky eater who does not have to eat gluten-free and despises most gf baked goods ... loved the cookies so much that I bought individual cookies to bring home.  That's saying something!

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